Circle Of Usare Ring Bearers

The Bearer of each ring is bestowed a particular power, inherit with the ring.

A perfect sense of direction and the ability to search for the presence of enemies. It will also show the user the safest path to take and will shield his trail from those who follow. Seekers also have the ability to see through the abilities of other ring bearers.

With the ring of a weaver, the user can cast an image about his body of an animate or inanimate object. The image is an illusion only and is dispelled if touched.

Bearers of the stealth ring can become invisible to others.

The ability of a speakers allows the bearer to read, speak and understand any language.

This ring gives the ability to heal minor wounds quickly, and stops far more serious wounds from being fatal. This power is also reversible, enabling the bearer to weaken or even kill an enemy if desired.

A Caller can call or war off any creature of low intelligence. However, this does not allow the caller to command creatures of a wild nature.

This is perhaps the most versatile of all the abilities. These ring bearers are able to control the elements- Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

Circle Of Usare Ring Bearers

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