Order of the Emerald Blades

The order of the emerald Blades is a very ancient and powerful fighting order. Members of the order are rarely seen in public, indeed it seems as though the order has all but disbanded. Severely ravaged by the wars, the headquarters of the order is located at the foot of the Mountains of Winter, having been founded almost forty centuries ago by Sir Manfred of Roj.

Sir Manfred of Roj was a wandering elven knight, searching for a purpose to life and the universe, where he witnessed first-hand the dangers of the Mountains of Winter. He founded the order to protect the people in the surrounding countryside from the hostile dangers that lurked around them

Starting from just a handful of knights, the order had grown to almost seven thousand members after only a few centuries of existence, until one young ambitious member named Medmer of Pernicorn made a pact with a creature from the astral plane: in reward for granting him power, Medmer would sacrifice five live members of his own order to the creature. One of the older knights however, discovered the evil in Medmer, and he was chained and imprisoned to await trial.

Unable to gain any knights through sacrifice, the creature was furious and vent its anger upon the order, inflicting terrible damage and killing over four thousand knights. Sir Manfred himself was slain, but not before he was able to mortally wound the creature. The order has never truly recovered from the attack, and stories of it are passed on from generation to generation even to this day.

The surviving knights built a memorial to Sir Manfred and repaired their ruined headquarters, with just under half the number of knights remaining, they still managed to protect the people, and keep the evil creatures at bay.

Twenty thousand years later, a prophesied hero named Seth of Illiedus emerged and brought the order to new heights, and surged on by an influx of new members the order acquired powerful magic items, to be passed on the leader of each generation of knights. The leader of the knights was bestowed the title of ‘Grand master of Emeralds’ and the power to command every member of the order. Extremely powerful and extremely good grand masters even possessed the power to speak with angles, often asking questions of universal knowledge.

A blazing fire swept through the orders headquarters almost six centuries later that rumors suggest was started by denizens of the nine hells out of spite and hate. Nearly all the records and history of the order was destroyed, and had it not been for the courage of a handful of scribes, all would have perished.

Not long after the order had rebuild their home, wars broke out and members of the order journeyed to all corners of the isle to enforce peace. Many brave tales are told of various knights who performed courageous deeds and laid down their lives for others. Less than fifty members of the order survived the terrible wars.

Today the headquarters of the order lies crumbling and in decay, desperately in need of repairs. All together, fourteen knights of the order remain, including Q’ua Nervesti, the current Grand master of Emeralds. Q’ua lives in a cave somewhere near the former headquarters, keeping the ruins free of wicked Monsters and Evil Doers. The other thirteen knights are scattered across the globe.

Order of the Emerald Blades

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